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MAB Aviation Private Limited

99.99 ≠ 100
MAB Aviation was established in 2009 by Founder & Managing Director Mandar Anant Bharde and is one of the most reputed and luxurious Helicopter and Airplane charter operator & brokerage service company in India.
MAB Aviation is one of the most reputed and luxurious Helicopter and Airplane charter operator and brokerage service company in India. We provide aircraft services ranging from Helicopters, Business Jets, Airliners and Air Ambulances.
Headquartered in Mumbai, travelling with luxury, safety and style is our outlook and we have access to almost all the airports pan India. We operate 24/7 to plan your private charter trips and we assure you of our impeccable service.
MAB Aviation not only provides luxurious aerial services for business and leisure purpose, but also gives a matchless flexibility, distinguished value and a customized flying experience. Whether its Election campaigns, Jet-setting corporate schedule, Joyride over Mumbai city or any Medical emergency, we have enough expertise to satisfy even our pickiest clients.
Our Mission
To build a professional, reliable and affordable pan India network of air charter services and provide the highest level of safe and convenient private aviation service to our valuable customers with the purpose to exceed their expectations.
Our Vision
We strive to be India's leading economical, accessible, and professional air charter service provider, covering all airport bases throughout the country and abroad.
Our Customers
VIPs  |  Corporates  |  Businessmen  |  Politicians & Political Parties  |  Film Stars  |  Celebrities  |  Religious Gurus  |  Entertainment Companies  |  Joyride Customers  |  Aero-medical Transport

Our Pledge

" We believe that achieving PERFECTION using individual abilities to the fullest extent is the highest application of human abilities. Whatever we do, we are keen on giving our 100% for PERFECTION.

We know it is not easy and we do not claim to have achieved the desired level of PERFECTION, but we are constantly marching in that direction.

We firmly believe that PERFECTION is not just our professional mission, but our clients' RIGHT.

Words can have multiple shades of meaning, but digits have only one meaning. Digits have the highest precision, which is captivating."

Expedition Milestones

Essential Team

Founder & Managing Director

Mandar Bharde

Mandar, a postgraduate with a penchant for creative thinking, has progressed from an ardent writer and filmmaker to the proprietor of an aviation firm. He has over ten years of private and medical charter aircraft industry expertise.Mandar began his career as a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker, producing over 50 documentaries.He founded MAB Aviation in 2009 and has been involved in celebrity and VIP flights ever since. He played a key role in popularizing the concept of "Aviation War Room" in the Indian political charter market.

MAB holds an NSOP license and has started the Make-in-India initiative's first "AIR AMBULANCE" project. He has a solid reputation and credentials in the aviation business as a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Director & Accountable Manager

Yogesh Ghaisas

MAB Aviation's Founder and Director, Yogesh is a post graduate who has played an important part in laying the groundwork for MAB Aviation. He is in charge of the charter company operations and has over twelve + years of expertise in the aviation sector.

Yogesh is in charge of the MAB engineering and operations teams, as well as working with all third-party air operators. In addition, he is the Accountable Manager for MAB's NSOP and is in charge of all DGCA compliance.

Yogesh enjoys sports and music.

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