Trip Support

MAB Aviation offers outsourced ground handling services to non-scheduled private charter companies for helicopters & aircrafts at Mumbai (VABB), Juhu (VAJJ) and Bhubaneswar (VEBS) airports, as well as at selected airports across the country. In the time between the arrival of a charter flight and the departure of its flight, ground handling addresses a variety of services. Fast turnaround times, high accuracy, efficiency, and efficiency are the hallmarks of our ground handling services. As a result of our constant efforts, we are able to provide faster turnarounds for lower ground times, which translates into better profits for our clients.

Our ground handling capabilities allow our clients access to low-cost, high-quality services. Below is a description of the main groups of ground handling services we provide.

Cabin service:

This service primarily aims to ensure the comfort of passengers. Cleaning the cabin represents the majority of the effort, but it also involves replenishing consumables as required by the aircraft type and client.


With our catering assistance, we unload unused food and drink from the aircraft, and load fresh food and drink for guests and crew. The choice of meal we offer is only dry catering.

Ramp service:

Services like the following are provided on the ramp or apron:

  • Aircraft marshaling is the process of directing an aircraft into and out of a parking place.
  • Manual pushback towing
  • Air conditioning (which is more frequent on smaller planes)
  • Luggage handling
  • Luggage is typically handled on the tarmac when people disembark.
  • Catering transfer
  • Refueling
  • Ground power
Passenger service:

In the airport terminal prior to boarding the charter aircraft, this comprises services like:

  • Meet and greet service
  • Vehicle inter-airport transportation
  • Air-conditioned passenger waiting area
  • Assistance with passenger aircraft/helicopter boarding
Field operation service:

This service manages communication with Air Traffic Control, the remainder of the airport's flight operations, and the aircraft's dispatch.

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