Air Ambulance Service

MedicalFlight is a leading brand owned by MAB Aviation that offers 24/7 air ambulance services for aero-medical transportation in the India and international sectors. Established in 2009, known for reliability, affordability, and rapid response to patient and organ transportation.With a fleet of aircraft with long range and high speed flying capabilities, MedicalFlight provides experienced doctors and trained paramedics to monitor and assist patients. MedicalFlight’s patient transfer management has superior standards, ensuring the best-in-class air ambulance service with around-the-clock quick response and speedy transfers.

Medical Flights air ambulance airplanes are deployed at strategic locations across India, ensuring quick, efficient, and effective service delivery at short notice. MedicalFlight specializes in optimizing patient or organ transfers, focusing on priority takeoffs and landings. With a proven track record of rapid organ transport to recipient patients within the golden period.

MedicalFlight is a comprehensive and reliable option for air ambulance services in India and international sectors.

Services We Provide

Patient Transport

Our expert doctors and ground staff provide best-in-class assistance to patients transferring from one city to another throughout the country as part of our Air Ambulance service.

Organ Transport

To save a life within the golden period ,we work with hospitals and transplant professionals to transport organs harvested in one city to the recipient patient in another city.

Medical Tourism

As part of our expertise, we can execute planned "Patient Group" charter services from countries abroad to specific renowned city hospitals in India in order to provide critical care and affordable treatment to patients.

Doctor Transport

Our doctor charter services are available to patients who cannot travel for treatment or for those who request super specialty doctors to perform critical surgeries at hospitals.

Pregnant Woman Charter

Traveling during pregnancy is safe with MedicalFlight. We designed our product to make traveling hassle-free. There are medical professionals on board to take care of expectant mothers and newborns. It is dedicated to maternity and newborn care. During a private charter flight within India, expecting mothers and newborns can travel from A to B with professionally trained pilots and crew. In case of an emergency, the charter plane is properly equipped with medical equipment.

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